Never Good Enough

There are times when what a person accomplishes falls short of what it should have been, but there may be other times when whatever they have done is just fine. For those with a partner seeking to dominate them, never good enough is a pattern that may be creeping into their relationship. Their partner is using this as a way to establish that they are the one who is more capable, and they are doing it as a way to ensure they are in control.

For those who have felt the crushing blow of being told what they have done falls short, it can be an extreme reaction when they hear those words from their partner. Knowing they have done their best, the realization the other person is unhappy can bring emotional turmoil. Depression may be another result of this action. Worst of all, the truth may be that there is nothing wrong other than their partner’s need to dominate them.

It could be difficult to refute the partner’s allegation, but it can be done. Letting them know they should have done it if they are unhappy with the outcome is one way to push back. Another way to push back over time is to mention that their partner is never happy with the results, and it can pay handsomely to tell them to do it on their own. A lack of satisfaction is their issue, and it should be bounced back at them when they continue to use it as a tool to manipulate a partner.

Life with another person is not always easy, and even the best relationships may occasionally have one person upset with the outcome of a project or task. If it only happens rarely, there should be few worries about being in a good relationship. When one person constantly complains, it may be time to seek professional help.