Unhealthy Relationship Dominance


Crushing with Comparisons

Few long term relationships have missed the wonderful words of how much more a person’s mother cared, but that is part of a normal relationship....


The Storyteller

A large part of dating is learning about each other’s past, and it can be a fun time to listen to stories. The storyteller takes...


Never Good Enough

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The Larger Income

Life is often measured by people in many ways, and the size of a person’s income is often an important metric. For couples trying to...


Wishing Out Loud

The majority of times a partner is dominating their spouse, it is done when the two are alone. Wishing out loud is a method that...

Two people in a healthy long term relationship should not feel the need to dominate each other. While one may be better at taking care of the domestic side of their life, their partner’s income does not provide them with more importance within the relationship. Equality and balance make a good relationship, so unhealthy relationship dominance is a sign that something needs to change. Failure to recognize it could spell disaster over the long run.

There are plenty of ways to dominate a person without the need for physical menacing or even vocal diminishment. A person skilled in the art of subtlety will find ways to accomplish their goal without their partner realizing what they are doing. The effects can be noticeable over time, but the damage may already have been done. Looking for patterns of behaviour is often the most beneficial way of discovering a partner’s need to feel superior.